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Bob Jones

At God's Little Creations Preschool we embraces and use the Bob Jones University Curriculum for Bible, Math, Science and Spanish because we share Bob Jones University's philosophy that "lifelong learning must stem from the very source of Truth—God Himself."

Bible:  teaches students to know the Bible through a thematic, chronological study of the Old and New Testaments while guiding them to trust God and to apply His principles in their everyday lives

Math:  uses an interactive approach with manipulatives, allowing students to build a foundation of math concepts related to number sense. 

Science: starts students on the path of scientific inquiry with an introduction to the senses, weather, seasons, health and safety, sound, animals, matter, forces, plants, and the sun, moon, and stars. Science process skills are introduced through participation in hands on activities and projects.

Spanish:  enhance students education with an introduction to Spanish in three progressive steps designed for early learners.

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